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To start the day…………… (served till midday)

Open breakfast sandwich
– choose from either white or wholemeal toast or English breakfast muffin and add any two of the following: Bacon, Cornish sausages, fried egg, scrambled egg, mushrooms or tomato £4.95

Extra item 90p
Bacon or sausage sandwich £3.95
Free range scrambled egg on toast £4.25
Porridge with dried fruit or honey £3.75
Eggs benedict – go on, you know you want to! £5.95
Fresh fruit – Please ask for todays choice £3.50

Starters / Light Bites……………

Today’s soup served with crusty bread £5.25
Homemade hummus and pitta bread served with salad £5.25
Classic prawn cocktail served with toasted artisan bread £5.95
Crab cocktail – Fresh Newlyn crab served on iceberg lettuce, mayo and toasted artisan bread £6.95
Stilton and walnut pate with red onion marmalade, side salad and toast £5.50
Potted crab – Traditional in every way, served with artisan toasted bread £6.95
Calamari with sweet chilli dip, served with salad £6.95

Share Plate – for two people - Choose any four of the following :
Sun-dried tomatoes, giant green stuffed olives, mixed olives, anchovies, feta cheese, mozzarella,brie, chorizo, serano ham. Served with crusty bread. £10.95

Salads and Platters…………………

The perfect choice for a lazy summer afternoon. If you would like any of our salads without dressing, or dressing on the side then please ask.

Seafood Platter - Newlyn crab, prawns, mayo, mixed Salad & crusty bread £11.95
Cornish cheese platter – A trio of Cornish cheeses served with salad, crusty bread and homemade pickle £10.95

Whole crab platter – For the seafood connoisseur. Crack your own crab, served with bread and mayo. £17.95

Greek salad – Mixed salad leaves, cucumber, red onion and cherry tomatoes with black olives and feta cheese £8.50

Caesar salad – Romaine lettuce, cucumber and tomato tossed in creamy dressing, with croutons and parmesan £8.50  with chicken £9.50

Italian salad – Torn mozzarella, cherry tomatoes and red onion with mixed salad leaves. Drizzled with pesto dressing and topped with toasted pine nuts £8.95


All our sandwiches are freshly made to order using locally baked bread. Our sandwiches are served with a generous side salad:
Mature Cheddar Cheese and Westcountry pickle £5.95
Honey roast ham salad £6.25
Pesto chicken £6.50
Chicken and chorizo £6.50
Home made Hummus and salad £5.50
Tomato, Cornish brie and basil £5.95
Prawn and lemon Mayo £6.95
Newlyn Crab £9.95 

Upgrade your sandwich to a baguette: add an extra £1.50

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